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- all about the large oil & gas projects of Kazakhstan;
- technologies & innovations;

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The Magazine is registered by the Ministry of culture and information of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The Certificate of registration №13153-Ж as of 13.11.2012

Everyone who read Bulgakov's novel The Master and Margarita remembers the famous plot admired by the readers where Professor Woland says the words: 'Yes, man is mortal, but that would be only half the trouble. The worst of it is that he's sometimes unexpectedly mortal - there's the trick!' Even now, this idea does not lose its relevance and worries the minds of not only followers of philosophy, but, as it turned out, and technicians, and officials, and ordinary workers.

If we consider this issue in the context of the activities of oil workers, all those who are related to this area will understand the critical importance of compliance with security measures. Tankers, cargo transportation, construction of roads, well site preparation – all these and other working processes cannot guarantee the full safety of people's lives. History remembers many cases with a fatal outcome, when families lost their loved ones, and some suffered financial losses due to damage to their health. The importance of studying these issues is due to the subject of the next issue of KAZSERVICE magazine, which is published under the title ‘Safety Culture’.

Today, in the domestic industry, large oil and gas operators are introducing an international culture of work, calling to prioritize human life. Thus, quite strict requirements are put forward to all involved contractors. Since the members of the KAZSERVICE are mainly involved in the Projects of three major operators – TCO, KPO and NCOC, the editorial staff actively interacted with their general contractors and subcontractors when preparing the magazine. This information platform is used to discuss successful cases, which were then covered on the pages of the final issue.

Special attention was paid to the section ‘Analytics’ by the editorial staff. There readers will be able to find interesting articles on the development of the world energy and oil service industry. In this regard, we would like to note that the Association of oil service companies of Kazakhstan, together with the editorial staff, actively negotiates with the International Energy Agency and Deloitte CIS Research Center (Moscow). We take this opportunity to express our gratitude to our Moscow colleagues who are always open to mutually beneficial and friendly dialogue. We hope that the 26th issue of KAZSERVICE magazine will not leave readers untouched and will became a source of large-scale ideas and reflections. 

"KazService" Magazine

Issue 1

The legal support of the establishment of JV

Issue 2

The drilling industry of Kazakhstan

Issue 3

ЕРС – contractors

Issue 4

Engineering in Kazakhstan


Issue 5

TengizChevroil – Future Growth Project

Issue 6

The results of 2013



Issue 7

The logistical companies of Kazakhstan


Issue 8

The National Chamber of Entrepreneurs: protecting the local content


Issue 9

The machine building in Kazakhstan


Special Edition

Special edition for XI Border Forum “Technologies in the hydrocarbon industry” 

Issue 10

Kazakhstani-French Co-operation
What are the benefits for Kazakhstan from the sales of oil?

Issue 11

How to receive the contracts from subsoil users?
IX Energy Forum

Issue 12

Italian experience of the development of oilservice industry
The results of Kazneftegazservice Conference-2015
The recoomendations of TCO

Issue 13

The Dutch experience of the development of oilservice business
WTO: what should oilservice industry expect?
The fall of the oil prices

Issue 14

The results of 2015
The recommendations of Karachaganak Petroleum Operating B.V.
The future of oil

Issue 15

World without oil
German companies in Kazakhstan
Eurocodes and standartisation

Issue 16

New directions of co-operation with Iran
The results of Kazneftegazservice-2016 Conference
Alternative Energy

Issue 16

Kazakhstan - USA: 25 years of co-operation
The experience of American oilservice companies
​Future Growth Project TCO

Issue 18

Re-start of Kashagan
Results of 2016
​Kazakh - Turkish relations

Issue 19

Kazakhstan and Russia: the reliable stronghold of partnership
Forecasts for 2017
​The potential of the local oil-service industry

Issue 20

Results of VI Annual Kazneftegazservice-2017 Conference
Good news from FGP TCO

Issue 22

20th anniversary of oil and gas relationship of Kazakhstan and China

Issue 21

Ranking «The 50 most influential people in the oil and gas industry of Kazakhstan».

Issue 23

Billion oil projects.
Big changes: what to expect from the new Code "On subsoil and subsoil use"?.
Press announcement of KAZNEFTEGAZSERVICE-2018"

Issue 24

The results of "Kazneftegazservice-2018".
Review of the oil and gas industry of Kazakhstan.
Tengizchevroil is a leader in oil production with a quarter-century history.

Issue 25

Top-50 the most influential people in the oil and gas industry of Kazakhstan.
Current status of the Future Growth Project of TCO.

Issue 26

Safety Culture
Sum up of the year in oil and gas industry of Kazakhstan

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The Association of oil service companies of Kazakhstan (KazService) was established in 2011. The main aim of KazService is to unite all local oil & mining service companies under one umbrella.   

KazService suggests jointly to represent its members in all regions of Kazakhstan and fruitfully to communicate with the state bodies. This will lead to increase in the efficiency of the whole service business in general and the service companies in particular.  

KazService is in a good dialogue with the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, National Chamber of the Entrepreneurs,  Samruk-Kazyna Contract, National Agency for the development of the local content and Kazakh Contract Agency.  



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